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DIY Corner

Welcome to the MagneQuest DIY space for home grown amps of particular merit, using excellent circuits that put music before HI-FI; the one thing these amps have in common? They all use MagneQuest iron to get the best out of the design.

Look forward to more schematics and builder comments. See this as a forum to submit your own gear and/or design using our iron!


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MagneQuest Transformers Online Forum & Tech SupportFor answers to MagneQuest iron inquiries or DIY applications with MQ iron please drop by the MagneQuest Forum. This is a great place to share your DIY projects or discuss circuits/application for MQ iron/projects. The forum houses everyone from MQ customers, DIY Loons, and anyone interested in MQ products for sharing info, iron inquiries, DIY projects, and more! Mike will be joining in frequently with answers, comments, and customer support.
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SETH 2A3 S-240 Monoblock
Step by Step Instructions 2A3 SETH All Triode PP DIY Project

by Dr. Jean-Fran
çois Lessard

Jean-Francois is back again, this time with a full step-by-step "how to" with something a little different. Yeah, everyone is doing SET - Well, why not a stellar 2A3 Push-pull Monoblock? How about the legendary MQ/Peerless S-240-A for output iron? Still not enough? Put the MQ EXO-173 in for phase splitting duties. These Triodes with an Attitude are dropped in a custom ZEBRA WOOD chassis with copper top plate. Ok, so Jean-Francios has changed the circuit more than his loafers... Hover your mouse over the amps for SETH, the latest layout. He finally has arrived with what he believes is "IT". And we are going to picture these beasts to death and get others wanting to try SETH, a push-pull, all triode, liquid gold amp with MUSIC as goal #1. Good-bye Status Quo | Preview

Horus 2A3 Silver
Parafeed Monoblocks

Click to read about the amazing Horus 2A3 Silvers
by Jean-Fran
çois Lessard

[click on pic to see article]

Someone had to be first, but how lucky can you get when the first is this good! Quebec's Jean-François Lessard is the first home builder to respond with a full blown article, part list, review, and schematic for his Horus 2A3 Silver Parafeed Monoblocks featuring the amazing EXO-35 with a solid silver wound secondary. Lessard also employs a MagneQuest EXO-03 Plate Choke and BCP-16Ni Grid Choke, not to mention the MQ 5500 power transformer. Jean-
François claims this SET is one of the best he has heard, exhibiting the inherent SET beauty in the midrange while plumbing the extremes with a solidity and extension often claimed to be missing in many SET designs. Please click on the Horus 2A3 Silver graphic above!

Parafeed Dual-Mono Amplifier

Click to see DIY article on the COBALT SET45!
By Kurt Strain

We couldn't have a better choice for the second installment of DIY! Kurt Strain's single-ended 45 home brew takes no prisoners; Kurt claims it is the best amp he has ever heard powering the Avantgarde DUO!

This amp uses a 6H30pi driver with active constant current source (bipolar CCS) direct coupled to a 45 in parallel feed configuration. He employs the amazing MQ Cobalt Parafeed EX0-45 to spectacular ends. This article includes internal wiring shots, the schematic with parts specified, and comments from builder Kurt Strain. See what Kurt had to say about his amp soon after break-in:
This is the finest output transformer and the finest amplifier I have ever heard... This 45 amp with this output transformer has it all.... It is true to the timbre, the pace is lightning quick without etch or edginess, the bass is awesomely defined, the mids transparent as can be, the highs superbly detailed and airy, the depth and delineation of imaging incredible. It's pure music; there is no amp I have heard that beats it.

Kurt Strain
SET Asylum
January 09, 2001

Please click HERE or the above shot of amp to see what Kurt is talking about.

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