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2A3 SETH S-240 Monoblock
JFL Hand-Scrawled Circuit V2

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R1 Two Dale metal film 100 ohms 1/4W in parallel
(one end to each grid pin on the tube socket)
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R2 Holco metal film 43.5ohms 1/2W
R3 Mills Wirewound 4.02K 12W
R4 Mills Wirewound 12W 1K in parallel with
Mills Wirewound 12W 750 ohm
C1 Black Gate "FK" 100uF /16V (optional)
C2 Solen 6.8uF/630V (Sub Preference)
C3 Black Gate "FK" 100 uF/100V
C4 Solen 1.5 uF/630V
C5a,b Cerafine 47uF+47uF/500V (Sub Preference)
T1 MagneQuest "Peerless" S-240-A (permalloy version)
T2 Hammond 374BX 375V-0-375V 175 mA
(MQ MQR-060 excellent sub - C4 value to 1.8-2.0uF)
T3 Hammond 166Q2 2.5V CT 6A
L1 MagneQuest BCP16 GC (used permalloy version)
L2 MagneQuest EXO-173 PPS (used permalloy version)
L3 Hammond 193H 5H 200mA 65ohms
(MagneQuest MQ 04-002 excellent substitute)
L4 Hammond 193H 5H 200mA 65ohms
(MagneQuest MQ 04-002 excellent substitute)

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