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2A3 SETH S-240 Monoblock
MQ Iron Seth List ~ Pricing

MQ Peerless S-240-A (at right)
in M6 - $225 each
in M6\NI Pinstripe - $300 each
All Permalloy - $400 each

MQ EXO-173 w/Brass Channel
M6 - $99 each
M6\Ni pinstripe
- $125 each
Nickel - $150 each

in M6 - $50
Nickel - $75

MQ 04-002 w/Brass Channel
5Hy 200madc 34 ohm dcr (nominal)
-   $75ea

For SETH ordering, contact
Jean-Francois Lessard

Peerless numbering
nomenclature Explained

Peerless used a prefix which denoted the type of transformer and a suffix noting how the unit was housed. Originally, this part number (back in 1948) was S-240-Q. The "Q" cases were proprietary items made exclusively for Peerless. If you've ever seen an original Q case, you know it's beauty. Unfortunately, the tooling is long, long gone. We now build these with bell end caps which Peerless used the letter A to denote.

The letter S stood for large signal output transformer. K was for input trans. E was for impedance matching. R was for combination plate and filament transformer. C was for choke. L was for audio inductor (what we might call a plate choke today).

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