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Wavelength Audio's VENUS 45 all SILVER Parafeed SET


Wavelength Audio
Signature 45

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From Gordon Rankin:

Last week I constructed the best amplifier I have made to date. I know this may be hard to believe for those of you that have heard the Napoleon or Venus. But in listening over the weekend I truly came to realize how good this amplifier really is.

The idea for the Signature came to me after I decided I will produce a product for only a one year duration. My goal? This will be the best amplifier I can make based on everything I can bring to the table. And after the year is over, that's it... no more.

The Signature 45

Battery Power!The Signature 45 is a stereo amplifier based on a new chassis developed to reduce vibration effects. This chassis is tuned to 50-60Hz and will minimize the effects of incoming frequency on the tubes.
A single custom power transformer is flanked not by output transformers but huge MQ parallel feed chokes. These are more than 3 times the size of the ones used in the Venus. The parallel feed cap is custom made for this amplifier as are the MQ output transformers and input transformers (optional at no charge). Rectification is a single 274B rectifier with 4 chokes to smooth the power supply to the 45's and 417A/5842A input tubes.

Even though the amplifier is completely AC heated and uses choke input power supply, the hum and noise are kept very low and are tunable with a 20 turn potentiometer. All tubes use Yamamoto sockets and a plethora of Black Gate Capacitors support the MagneQuest transformer array.

The Silver Output Edition is pictured above. The copper output edition has a bronze colored top plate instead.

Please see the various options and availability on the Wavelength Audio site.

5-55KHz -3dB, 12-30K-1dB@3W's power at 1% distortion, hum and noise less than 0.5mv.

Signature 45 for sale

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