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This space is reserved for articles concerning transformer design and performance as well as the technical side of circuit implementation dealing with MagneQuest Iron.

While Mike's ideas will be featured here, all relevant papers and discussions of transformer design or tube circuit implementation are welcome.

MagneQuest Transformers Online Forum & Tech SupportMagneQuest Forum

For answers to MagneQuest iron inquiries or DIY applications with MQ iron please drop by the MagneQuest Forum. Mike will be joining in frequently with answers, comments, and customer support.

NEW! MQ Magnetics Library

The "LIBRARY" is the depository of articles that have appeared on the MagneQuest forum or which address issues relevant to the MQ forum. It is where we will put the 'classics' or posts which have value as a reference. Please visit the
MQ Magnetics Library from time to time to see if anything new has been added.

See VoltSecond's take on Grid and Anode Chokes
Tech Installment #5
All Choked Up on
Grid and Anode Chokes

VoltSecond weighs in with yet another excellent article with some proposed Q&A concerning Grid and Anode Chokes. Some great info here - Many thanks to VoltSecond!  See MQ Tech #5

See 12A4 - KT90 CF Schematic and notes
Tech Installment #4
DanL 12A4 ~ KT90 CF

AA Forums member DanLaudionut comes to the MQ Tech bench with a 12A4-KT90 CF circuit that looks interesting. See the schematic and some comments from Dan to questions put forth by Mikey L. This circuit features all signal iron by MagneQuest. Let us know what you think - hop onto the MagneQuest Forum for discussion! Click at right to view.

See MQ Block Architecture
Tech Installment #3
MQ Block Architecture

MQ Tech Corner installment #3 includes nine schematics now available for perusal for potential project foundations. Each of the schematics links to a full size version. To download, see full-size shot, right click on schematic, select "save picture as."

Transformer Inductance effects on Tube Load LineArticle 2
Effects of Transformer Inductance on Load Line of a tube

MQ Tech Corner article 2 is an online conversation documenting an exchange between VoltSecond and Mike LaFevre concerning the effects of Transformer Inductance on the load line of a tube. Graphs and details by VoltSecond

Please click to visit our first installment - Transformers and Phase ShiftsArticle 1

and Phase Shifts

The first MQ Tech Corner installment concerning Transformers and Phase Shifts. This article is an informal overview by Mike LaFevre that was first seen in the SET Asylum, an Internet discussion forum for Single-Ended amplifiers. Please click HERE or on the graphic to right.

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