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Wavelength Audio
May 2001 issue of Stereophile which reviewed Wavelength 45/2A3 Gemini SET with MQ Transformersin the Press

MagneQuest OEM, Wavelength Audio, makes it into the mainstream audio press with a rave review of the 45/2A3 Gemini in the May issue of Stereophile. It seems the venerable 45 tube is finally making its way into the open. Stereophile reviewer, Robert Deutsch, was taken by the 45 tube via the Gemini as evidenced by his final statement:

What the Gemini transparency, detail, harmonic 'rightness,' and an ability to maximize musical values with a minimum of electronic artifacts. For those of you that value these characteristics more than sheer loudness, the Gemini may in fact be the ideal amplifier.

Robert Deutsch
May 2001

Wavelength 45/2A3 Gemini with 45 Mesh 1932 Marathon!Gordon Rankin's Manufacturer Comments were not able to make it into the same issue, so look to the June issue of Stereophile for his response. Gordon's past products have garnered rave reviews in the likes of Absolute Sound, Listener, Stereophile, Fi The Magazine of Music and Sound, Stereo Sound, and Ultimate Audio. All Wavelength Audio amplifiers use MagneQuest transformers to fully realize Gordon's excellent circuits.

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